Your website is equipped with an easy-to-use page builder to save you time and hassle. Elementor makes it easy for you to edit the content of your website within WordPress, so you can add, remove, reposition and edit elements on the page in a jiffy. 

To start editing your homepage:

  1. From your Themecloud Dashboard, click Go to my website.  See the long black bar along the top of your screen? That is your WordPress Toolbar. 

2. Select Edit with Elementor. The page you see before you can be modified easily. You can reorder the sections that exist, remove sections, or add new ones and edit elements. Watch this two minute video for a quick tour of Elementor:

3. Give it a try! Use Elementor to edit each page of your website. Here are some tips to help you write compelling content and select impactful images.

4. Save regularly to avoid losing your work.

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