It’s like a website design control center. It allows you to customize things like your branding, default color scheme, default fonts, and header and footer settings - all from one place. You can also use it to test out changes to your site before saving them.  Note: You will be able to control more or less of your website’s global settings from the Customizer depending on the design you have chosen. 

To Access the Customizer:

  1. From your Themecloud Dashboard, click Go to my website.
  2. Select Customize from the WordPress Toolbar. 

Using the Customizer:

Every option on the Customizer’s sidebar allows you to control a different aspect of your site. The options available vary depending on the design you have chosen, so take a moment to get to know what you can control here by clicking through each option on the sidebar.

  1. Select an option from the Customizer sidebar:

2. Choose the settings you want. As you select various settings, your site will preview changes on the screen. Note: these changes have not yet been saved. 

3. To abort the changes you have made, click the x in the top left hand corner:

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